Cake Smash

Everything you need to know about the HKP Cake Smash Photography Package
  • Cakes are NOT provided unless specifically requested and invoiced.  Otherwise parents must bring cake themselves.


  • Don’t let a cake smash be Baby’s first exposure to cake!  It’s sticky, it’s weird!  Unless they have had cake or cupcakes before they will spend a good portion of the Cake Smash trying to figure it out and/or get away from it.  If you really want Baby to be excited – let them have cake on 2 – 3 other occasions so when they see it they recognize and DIG IN!


  • Fondant cakes are lovely but not at all smash-able.  The icing is very hard and not particularly tasty – these cakes will literally bounce!  Buttercream or even better WHIPPED icing is most successful for Cake Smashes.


  • White, yellow, or other pale colored cake photographs much better than chocolate.


  • Unless you’re planning a zombie vibe – avoid red icing as it tends to look a little gory after a few minutes!


  • Make sure to bring a sippy cup for water.  Cake smashes are a thirsty business!


  • You may certainly bring a fancy or themed cake but homemade is just fine as well – it’s going to get smashed !  If you decide to purchase a cake, may I highly recommend Sweet Dreams Custom Cakes by Kelsey Griffin.  Clients consistently rave about her cakes and customer service.

Cake smash is more than just a photo opportunity; it’s a celebration of your child’s individuality and a fun, memorable experience for the whole family. With the right preparation and a skilled photographer, these moments become timeless treasures, encapsulating the joy and innocence of childhood in every frame.